How are live casinos revolutionizing table games in Cambodia?

The casino games have managed to conquer the heart of several entertainment enthusiasts by winning their lifestyle. More and more, many people prefer to indulge in their favorite hobby no matter where they are. Taking advantage of innovations in telecommunications, classic casino owners have found a ready-made formula: live casinos.

This new way of playing has allowed countries like Cambodia to become a hub for casino games. Discover in this article the clues that allowed live casinos to revolutionize table games in this country.

What is live casino?

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The “live casino” is a simple and innovative concept in table games just as interesting as land-based casinos. This revolution of online casinos does not present a big difference between rational and physical casinos. It is characterized by the fact that the game is played virtually. Indeed, as part of the practice of a game of a live casino game, a real dealer and games (roulette game or card game, for example) are made available to players who are elsewhere than in the casino premises. Each player takes part in the game live on the screen of their tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc.

There is also a graphical interface that is laid out on the table. It allows players to communicate directly with the dealer. Better, in a live casino game session, you have the opportunity to see other players outside the dealer. Thus, from your sofa, your armchair, or your living room, the participants experience the actual sensations of the game. Today, several online casino platforms are well equipped and organized enough to satisfy the noblest aspirations of players. This is the case of this page dealing with the subject of live casinos. You no longer need to be in the gaming room with the live casino to have a casino experience. Besides, it is accessible to everyone.

Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist, or professional in casino games, you can enjoy it anywhere. And with the performance of the internet connection and broadband availability, everything becomes easy to participate in baccarat or other games at an online casino.

What is the genesis of the live casino?

live casino cambodia

The advent of the live casino was made possible thanks to the big casino brands. Indeed, the first experiments with the live casino were carried out mainly in the casinos of certain countries of Asia. There was a strong demand for table game players in these countries and the like who were unable to take part in a game in a regular casino for many reasons. It was either to not violate their country’s gambling laws or time constraints.

In the beginning, many shortcomings and difficulties made the casino lovers drunk who discovered the live casino. Among these hazards, there are those related to video compression. Usually, this compression had to be of excellent quality to allow players to feel like playing a game in a physical casino, which was not the case. The advantage of efficient compression is that it does not need enough bandwidth.

Thus, the game becomes accessible to several players at the same time with an ADSL connection. Right away, Asian casinos understood the contours of the problem and anticipated implementing more brilliant alternatives. They have thus stolen the limelight from casinos worldwide by offering their customers live casino gaming offers.

Gradually, casinos on other continents were inspired by this technological innovation. In this momentum, Cambodia quickly stood out from the crowd by offering great casino platforms to players. These platforms are even associated with another technology called “Radio Frequency Identification” (RFID). It makes interactions with players sitting in front of their screens from anywhere in the world more enjoyable.

The other improvement experienced by live casinos is the introduction and revitalization of graphical interfaces, making the games very interesting and human-to-human.

What are the different types of live casino games?

There are several types of live casino games available in online casinos and physical casinos, always with excitement. The most common games are baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and Punto Banco. By their age, these four types of casino games remain the most popular with players. However, poker variants, namely Texas Hold ’em or Omaha, are offered to players in some live mode casinos. These variations of poker also offer incredible gaming sensations in online casinos.

What are the advantages of the live casino?

Considering the realism and excitement of the live casino, many players who have experienced it never budge. Several testify that it contains many advantages. The live casino gives the impression of being in a land-based casino thanks to the presence of a croupier. You can exchange with the latter by a chat. You receive his feedback verbally.

The live casino offers the opportunity to learn how to find yourself in a classic casino game since you get to know the different gaming tables. This is very useful for beginners. It also allows you to master the strategies to win contests thanks to the documents that are at your disposal. By participating in a game at a live casino, you have the opportunity to earn bonuses for the benefit of another game. Even being played virtually, the live casino is a natural human interaction.

What are the indicators of the expansion of casinos in Cambodia?

According to figures revealed by the Minister of Economic and Finance of Cambodia, casinos in the country have increased by more than 53% during the year 2018. To date, it is over 150 casinos that are legally recognized and registered with the authorities. However, at the end of 2017, the kingdom had only 98 casinos. The financial industry’s general department responsible for regulating the gaming sector in Cambodia announced through its spokesperson that: Preah Sihanouk province alone has around 90 legal casinos.

In recent years, figures have enabled the Cambodian Ministry of Economic and Finance to collect $ 56 million in taxes from casinos. Based on a current casino regulation law, the taxes levied have increased. Every casino owner in this country pays $ 40,000 to declare their business essential in the Cambodian state’s tax revenues.

The city ​​of Sihanoukville has experienced rapid growth in recent years due to several casinos in this territory. Most of these Cambodian casinos are devoted to a predominantly Chinese clientele. Among other assets of this positive impact on Sihanoukville, there is the introduction of live casino games in land-based casinos and online casino gaming sites. Thus, the game practice becomes less restrictive and arouses enthusiasm in the ranks of lovers of table games, especially retailers.

What makes Cambodia the new destination for casino players?

The Cambodian newspaper “Phnom Penh Post” observed that: “Cambodia is turning into a magnet for Chinese players since the Chinese authorities declared war on the gambling industry and tightened their control over places like Macao, a traditional destination for fans of blackjack tables and other games of money.” Based on this, Cambodian casinos have implemented great strategies, taking into account the improvement of their services, attracting Chinese players to their territory, having experienced the wonders of live casino games, and many Chinese flocks to the casinos in Sihanoukville.

Increasingly, trips are being organized by native land-based casinos in synergy with outside travel agencies. Should note that Cambodia is close to China. Besides, there is less restriction on gambling in Cambodia than in Macao. Similarly, players who find themselves. The borders of this country do not need to travel to Sihanoukville to indulge in their distraction.

They use online casinos located in Cambodia to play directly (live casino) without fear of falling within the scope of Chinese regulations regarding casino games. The number of tourists who land in Cambodia today to participate in casino games is estimated at more than 335,000. It is the result of the organized trips. And especially live casinos. In other words, in Cambodia, all the conditions are met to afford beautiful moments of pleasure thanks to online casinos.

What is the best live casino software in use?

More computer programmers are implementing software that incorporates live table games. It, for the expansion of the live casino. Very early on, online casinos adopted this software. Evolution Gaming and NetEnt are some of the best live casino software. We can also list, among others:

  • Playtech;
  • Vivo Gaming;
  • Betgames;
  • XPro Gaming;
  • Ezugi;
  • Authentic Gaming;
  • BetConstruct;
  • Visionary iGaming.

They are currently the most reliable and recommendable.

Thus, these tools of new information and communication technologies come to revolutionize the world of the casino. Which in turn contributes to the expansion of casinos in countries such as Cambodia.