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SV388 Features

  • Official Cockfight Platform
  • Phillipine CChicken

SV388 Information

Cockfightings also considered by the name ‘Daga’ , is a well-known game in Asia. A million-dollar market revolves around this game and sv3888 is a platform that offers you to place bets and watch cockfighting.


If the cock for whom you placed the best wins the game in sv388 daga, you get the money in your account.


Now, if you are one of those folks who have great knowledge about the breeds of cock and can correctly guess the winner, this is the right place to make money. So, just stick to the article and follow the guide to have a deep view of sv388 khmer.


What is sv388?

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Well, sv388 is an online gambling platform that also has an application where you can place bets on several cocks in cockfighting.


For newbies, cockfighting is an ancient game where 2 cocks of almost similar strength and qualities are placed against each other in the fight ring. The two of them are then provoked to fight. The fight continues until one of them is dead, or injured in near to dead condition.


Through sv388, you can watch and predict the winning cock. If your prediction comes true, you will win the bet. Also, you can download sv388 through the official platform.


Getting started on SV388 Khmer


Holding an account at sv388 is the first and the most necessary step to perform. If you don’t know how to register an sv388 account and encounter many problems, here is the solution.


You can create an account within 3 to 5 minutes. Now, the player’s credit goes to the house. Look at the website that provides fake up phenomenon, join then disappear along with the amount that usually causes the effect serious to the reputation of the house as well as the interests of the participants.


Due to that if you participate in betting sv388, then you can use the layered lines below. Afterward, we offer to be able to Register for a people account. Yes, you can enter your description. On one way account opening goes on for round 4


Steps are as follows;


Step 1: Access the register link on the official site to enter sv388 then choose to register to the system.


Step 2 You need to provide complete and accurate financial information. The account is very fast according to my request concerning the system.


Step 3; Provide information about the posting, name, enter password, phone number. This is a registration method. After filling up the basic information, move to the ‘book’ option.


Optimally, you only need 1 to 2 minutes to do the process. Now, an obvious question to ask is can I fill in the required information? Yes, you can without any fear as it’s a legit platform.


Then send all the information. If you do the following 3 steps, you will get a successful login and a possible confirmation message.


Afterward, join the process to have manly and beautiful management in 5 minutes. Well, I would like to share my experience. When I joined, I ran out of members and it’s the planet of the whole industry.


New members joining for the first time or every day the player re-enters the money account will receive about 15 parts. What a hundred points are there for? Other rewards belong in a row up the department motions for other players.


The person who chooses the cockfight in a row will refund the money and does not restore 10 percent every day. No limit, and no matter how much you pay.


Now, you are also allowed to give up on raising later. The most time to participate is from the age of 21.


Money processing on sv388


Join them after you are done with registering an account for cockfight at the sv388 bookie, proceed to deposit money into the account to bet.


If you don’t know how to do it, here is the most detailed recharge in 5 steps.


Step 1: Contact customer care to get your account number.


Step 2: After Step 1, transfer money according to the account number just received by customer care.


Step 3: Log in to the account selected and Recharge item and click to send to transfer money.


The house also has a money transfer service for phone scratch cards. All bank transfers are safe as well; they don’t bear any transaction fee.


Simple! You just need to fill out the information completely and correctly, verify the information according to the Request, and you get the recharge.


After that, it will ask the player to provide the name transfer and confirmation of information. You need to fill out the form and the policy will be currently a first full name. Remember login name is the username. Now, you just need to enter another account name.


If the real name matches along with the registered phone number and contact number, your money has been successfully transferred to the house via bank transaction.


Find the house as the account will change continuously. So players don’t deposit to the old account number to ensure benefits. The best mature need has ended 10 points in 1 transaction. At the dealer, there will be a little bit of 1,000 VND points in 1 week of the transfer transaction.


The cost has a team of consultants available ready to support 24/7. Transaction time is in between 15 minutes and credits will be updated to the account. So the transaction is top-up money at the house.


The takeaway of the session


So from the guide, you will get an in-depth view of the registration, money transfer, and betting tips on sv388. Cockfight marketing is ruling in million dollars so you can take the benefits of gambling and earn money. Make sure you have gone through each detail before jumping into the game. Also, customer care is on-demand 24 x 7 for any issue you face. Keep calm and play on sv388.